Disruptive land use technologies


Get familiar with  the mix of digital tools provided by us. Are you looking for a simple APP for data collection? Do you need  an improved Web-Dashboard to monitor your work in the field? Contact us for further information.


Unique helps you to find the right tool for data collection. We offer customized APPs, SMS-based solutions, drone flights or a combination of these to establish a solid data base. Our experience in digital technologies combined with our field expertise helps you to reduce costs, save time and achieve harmonized data sets. We specialize in smallholder surveys, forest inventories and land use management systems. Working in remote areas is no obstacle for us. Most tools include offline packages for data collection.
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We have all the suitable approaches, certification standards, spatial tools and scientific models at our hands. Our analysis tools calculate your key performance indicators like CO2 emissions, the living income of a farm household or the volume of wood in your forest. We use remote sensing to detect any type of land cover change.
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Monitor & Report

Monitor and report through a Web-Dashboard. You can manage access rights, edit data and display information in specific formats. The dashboard can be linked to our tools that Collect and Analyze data. We use open source solutions to present the data in a spatially explicit format through an inbuilt WebGIS. The user interface is intuitive and highly customizable to your requirements. Updates and analyses happen automatically when new data arrives.
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