Empowerment through data driven approaches

Our customers

We help you bring data driven approaches to agriculture and forestry and empower your stakeholders. How to achieve the sustainable development goals? How to produce more with less? How to link farmers to markets? Our tools help you answer these questions.

Government organizations

Data on current land use and value chains are crucial to inform effective policies. We support governments in shaping incentives, regulations and soft measures that protect natural capital and enhance livelihoods.
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Financial institutions

We offer integrated online and offline solutions to financial intermediaries in the land use sectors. Whether public or private, our clients benefit from our 20+ years expertise and benchmarking capabilities in forestry and land use.
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Our tools  simplify monitoring and evaluation and your daily life. You can manage a complete reporting or indicator workflow with one click. Get closer to achieving a more sustainable world.
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Private sector

Agriculture and forestry companies are part of a rapidly transforming world. Smart digital solutions are needed to adress the global challenges land use is facing. Be part of groundbreaking solutions.
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