Groundbreaking solutions for land use companies

Private sector

Agriculture and forestry companies are part of a rapidly transforming world. Smart digital approaches are needed to adress the global challenges land use is facing. Be part of groundbreaking solutions.

Are you looking to build systematic forest management planning?

Do you want to trace on-farm activities?

Is your business ready for carbon crediting?


Our tools offer an efficient way for forest plantations and enterprises to manage their data and improve work flow. We use cost efficient open source database and GIS technology without the need for additional licenses. We can provide you with a modular Forest Information System tailored to your specific business needs.

Digitize your data collection

We provide tools to collect real time data on all levels of forest management operations.

Key features

  • Inventory
  • Wood assessment
  • Stand planning
  • Capturing high resolution imagery from drones
  • Incidence monitoring and recording

See the trees in the forest

We test our tools and newly developed algorithms on the 20,000 ha of forest and agribusiness property we manage in Paraguay. Paired with our project experience in temperate and tropical regions worldwide, we offer state-of-the-art solutions at the highest level of detail to our customers.

Key features

  • Development of tree species specific algorithms
  • Automated calculation of mean annual increment
  • Combination of yield and economic data

Showcase – Digitizing forestry in Ethiopia

Amhara Forest Enterprise (AFE) is consolidating its forest activities in the North-East of Ethiopia. Forest Management is restructured and adjusted to international market requirements. This includes the change from a ...
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Cooperatives, processors, traders and any stakeholder with outgrower schemes are striving to strengthen farmer outreach. Our tools improve traceability along the value chain, reduce information asymmetry, build trust and improve decision making. Contact us on how to lower costs and make your operations more efficient with our digital solutions.

Digitize your data collection

We provide tools to collect real time data about field activites and other business operations.

Key features

  • Farmer registration
  • Integration of spatial data
  • Monitoring farm management activites, yields and prices
  • Traceability of training
  • Inventory and warehouse management
  • Stock transfer and stock reconciliation
  • Messaging to farmers
  • Collection of carbon credit related data
  • Individual customizations for clients

From farm to Web-Dashboard

A detailed and structured data overview is accessible on a customized Web-Dashboard.

Key features

  • Reporting key indicators in form of  graphs, charts or spreasheets
  • Spatially explicit data representation
  • Automatized creation of reports

Showcase – Restoration of Ethiopian coffee landscapes

The Yayu UNESCO Biosphere Reserve protects one of the remnants of the highly diverse natural coffee forests of Ethiopia. These forests are under threat due to population growth and unsustainable ...
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Showcase – Zero deforestation monitoring in Ethiopia

To promote zero-deforestation coffee, GIZ is establishing a sustainable production region in Oromia, Ethiopia. UNIQUE developed a monitoring framework for sustainable production at the landscape level, using the latest information ...
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