Informed policy making, better services

Government organizations

Data on current land use and value chains are crucial to inform effective policies. We support governments in shaping incentives, regulations and soft measures that protect natural capital and enhance livelihoods.

If you rely on scattered information sources and paper-based administrative systems, we can help you. Our software collects data, provides an interface to existing sources and enables integrated analysis through our Web-Dashboard. Data protection and security are the basis of trust for information sharing. We comply with the highest international standards.

Do you want to boost the forest sector and empower enterprises to sustainably invest in your country?

Do you want to bring farm extension into the 21st century and monitor the impact achieved on the ground?

Do you want farmers to know the price for coffee, sugar cane, or maize at the farm gate?

Enable knowledge transfer

Get in touch directly and systematically with your regional and field staff, implementation partners or colleagues from other sectors. Receive, analyze and distribute information about best practices, prices and the weather.

Our tools facilitate knowledge transfer beyond top-down or bottom-up – imagine a project database of the entire land use sector, accessible to your citizens on their smartphones.

Imagine an interactive map of all forest areas in the country, presented in a Web-Dahsboard, accessible from your office. Contact us for our track record and what we can do for you.


Access funds

Climate finance is scarce and complex to access. Donors demand results. A robust overview of ongoing projects and their achieved imacts on the ground will help you construct a poweful proposal for further funding in the land use sector.

How much forest is distributed where, at what volume and age structure? What are the GHG emissions coming from smallholder livestock farmers? How many kilometers of coastline are protected? Our tools help you answer such questions and provide the required baseline for action.

Showcase – National forest inventory in Kyrgyzstan

The second national forest inventory in Kyrgyzstan will serve as the basis for the sustainable development of the sector. UNIQUE was mandated by the World Bank to support the State Agency for Environmental Protection and Forestry ...
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Showcase – National forest monitoring in Vanuatu

Vanuatu is currently completing the REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and fo-rest Degradation) readiness phase. UNIQUE conducted a tailor made national forest inventory using state-of-the art digital tools. We developed ...
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Showcase – Monitoring bark beetle damage in Germany

Extreme drought and the high summer temperatures of 2018-2019 have led to serious bark beetle outbreaks in southern German forests. The damage to spruce and fir trees is dynamic and ...
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