Digital solutions for financial intermediaries in land use

Financial institutions

We offer integrated online and offline solutions to financial intermediaries in the land use sectors. Whether public or private, our clients benefit from our 20+ years expertise and benchmarking capabilities in forestry and land use.

Our team of motivated professionals can create tailor made solutions for your specific needs at competitive rates.

Do you have a portfolio of agriculture and forestry projects?

Do you have land use based assets under management in areas threatened by climate change?

Would you like to show your impact on the ground beyond financial statements?

Manage your risk

The primary sector is most exposed to climate change. As an investor with agriculture or forestry assets, you will want to monitor climate risk and other parameters that affect performance. Proper risk management can also avoid reputational damage caused by deforestation and other issues.

We develop tools and applications that give you hands-on guidance for managing risks in the land use sector, paired with targeted recommendations for investment decisions.

Know your impact

As an investor, you reach hundreds and thousands of beneficiaries on the ground. We offer tools that connect you to your impact directly and let you measure what you have achieved. We specialize in carbon stocks, forest cover and social indicators like living income. We adapt our monitoring to your specific needs and frequency requirements.

Showcase – Impact monitoring for banks in Latin America

Latin American countries have committed to ambitious forest landscape restoration targets, which play a key role in achieving their Nationally Determined Contributions under the Paris Agreement. Significant private sector investments ...
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