Digitizing forest management and inventory

Forest inventory and management planning

Forest management planning is crucial for the sustainable use of forest resources. Our digital tools perform all components of forest management planning, from field inventory and data analysis to reporting of the results.

Our Collect module provides the basis for a forest inventory using a modern approach to recording data. Our tools can navigate to sample plots, map plots and polygons, do plausibility checks automatically and directly synchronize data to a central database.

The Analyze module uses field data and provides an in depth analysis according to your needs. We offer calculation modules at a generic level, or specify our algorithms and equations to reflect growing conditions in a certain region.

The Monitor & Report module is customizable and displays results in the format most suitable for you. Data can be shown at tree, stand, or enterprise level. WebGIS visualizes the results of monitored land use activities.

How we collect forest data

We create a customized format for you to record attributes in the field. You can choose from a number of different formats, features and procedures that we have widely tested. All field data can be directly exported to a central database, and automatically analyzed. Reports are generated as soon as the data is available.

Key features

  • Measurement of sample plots in any design
  • Integration of navigation module
  • Offline maps in mbtiles format for improved navigtation
  • Free definition of attributes to be sampled in the field
  • Local download as csv file or direct synchronisation to the database
  • User defined sets of plausibility rules
  • Connect an external GPS to improve the accuracy of the measurements
  • Load stand maps
  • Capture photos to improve the description of the attributes

Manage your forest with our tools

You can store and manage all information related to your forest using our tools. The data is stored in a format that allows spatially explicit analysis by default.

Key features

  • Calculate all necessary variables for the management plan: volume, basal area, biomass, regeneration, carbon
  • Calculation of yield
  • Manage information and decide which stands have to be inventorized
  • Integrate information and data on operational planning

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Showcase – National forest monitoring in Vanuatu

Vanuatu is currently completing the REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and fo-rest Degradation) readiness phase. UNIQUE conducted a tailor made national forest inventory using state-of-the art digital tools. We developed ...
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