Get access to your real time data

Monitor & Report

We monitor and report through a Web-Dashboard. You can manage access rights, edit data and display information in specific formats. The dashboard can be linked to our tools that Collect and Analyze data. We use open source solutions to present the data in a spatially explicit format through an inbuilt WebGIS.

The user interface is intuitive and highly customizable to your requirements. Updates and analyses happen automatically when new data arrives.


The WebGIS visualizes spatial data and offers tools for further analyses. You can manage different layers, filter for desired information and measure areas and distances.

Key features

  • Stand alone tool or integrated into Web-Dashboard
  • Open Source technology: PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Geoserver and Openlayers
  • Customizable interactivity for data filtering, data import and export
  • On-screen digitization and import of data in different formats
  • Visualization of results
  • Basic measurement tools
  • Web Map Service enabled
  • Use the postGIS DB in your system directly
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The online Web Dashboard is where it all comes together: access your data, analyze and monitor indicators, create automated reports and GIS-based visualization.

Key features

  • Highly customizable
  • Presentation of results and data chosen formats
  • Own analysis with inbuilt pivot function
  • User login management
  • Interface for data integration in own web modules
  • Automated data processing based on incoming data
  • Templates for automated reporting
Our showcases

Geospatial solutions

Our geospatial data science team uses in-house developed EO tools and methods to monitor, report and verify past and ongoing processes and changes to forests and land use. Using cutting edge algorithms, Earth Observation datasets, Python, LizMap and Google Earth Engine, we create tailor made services and products for our clients.

Key features

  • Tools for Carbon & climate project design (scoping, feasibility & eligibility assessment, similarity assessment)
  • Monitoring, reporting and verification (damage, deforestation and degradation, spatiotemporal changes, time series analysis, statistical analysis, GHG emissions from croplands, soil erosion, risk analysis)​
  • Carbon stocks and biomass (forest inventory analysis using remote sensing, forest biomass from LiDAR)​
  • Geospatial tools for data processing and visualization (GeoCMS, LizMap, Processing Sentinel-2, Planetscope, NICFI and SAR data)
  • Web Map Service enabled
  • Use the postGIS DB in your system directly
Our showcases

Showcase – Smallholder carbon credits in Rwanda

The Livelihoods-ARCOS project is a partnership implemented by the NGO Albertine Rift Conservation Society, and the Livelihoods Carbon Fund. Our digital tools enable carbon certification of the project according to ...
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Showcase – Restoration of Ethiopian coffee landscapes

The Yayu UNESCO Biosphere Reserve protects one of the remnants of the highly diverse natural coffee forests of Ethiopia. These forests are under threat due to population growth and unsustainable ...
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Showcase – Digitizing forestry in Ethiopia

Amhara Forest Enterprise (AFE) is consolidating its forest activities in the North-East of Ethiopia. Forest Management is restructured and adjusted to international market requirements. This includes the change from a ...
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Showcase – Impact monitoring for banks in Latin America

Latin American countries have committed to ambitious forest landscape restoration targets, which play a key role in achieving their Nationally Determined Contributions under the Paris Agreement. Significant private sector investments ...
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Showcase – Zero deforestation monitoring in Ethiopia

To promote zero-deforestation coffee, GIZ is establishing a sustainable production region in Oromia, Ethiopia. UNIQUE developed a monitoring framework for sustainable production at the landscape level, using the latest information ...
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