Our tools deliver key performance indicators


We have all the suitable approaches, certification standards, spatial tools and scientific models at our hands. Our analysis tools calculate your key performance indicators like CO2 forest loss & change, GHG emissions, the living income of a farm household or the volume of wood in your forest. We use remote sensing to detect any type of land cover change spatiotemporal changes to forest and land cover and their vitality. Our analysis is not limited to data we Collect ourselves. Any additional information can be linked to create a comprehensive overview and give you the answers you need also using latest Earth Obervation datasets . All data can be presented through our Web-Dashboard or Interative maps automatically updating and distributing information to all users of the system.

Data modeling

Robust indicators require research based-models. We closely follow scientific advances on climate, forest and agriculture. We adapt new approaches to real projects on the ground. For example, we calculate the carbon sequestration of your agroforestry plot. This gives you robust and advanced indicators, while complex algorithms smoothly run in the background.


  • Carbon modeling for below and above ground biomass
  • Soil organic carbon
  • Tree species specific algorithms
  • Farm household income analysis
  • and many more
Our showcases

Geospatial Analysis

Almost all forest & land use projects have a geospatial component. At some stage of the project cycle, you will want to include spatial analysis. With the latest technologies in data processing, satellite imagery, 3D analysis and cloud computing, we can offer solutions for a number of different topics.

What we work on

  • Site suitability foand eligibility for Afforestation
  • Reforestation and Revegatation (ARR), Sustainable Agricultural Land Management (SALM) or REDD projects​
  • Potentials for Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR)​
  • Improved Forest Management​
  • Deforestation and Degradation Analysis​
  • Land Use and Land Use Change Analysis (LULUCF)​
  • Identification of Green Corridors​
  • 3D Inventory​
  • Forest Damage Assessment using Time Series Analysis​
  • Modeling of Volume and Stock in Forests and Plantations using Satellite Imagery, Terrain Data or 3D point clouds​
  • Paddy field detection and mapping​
  • Deforestation risk analysis​
  • Wind risk analysis​
Our showcases

Key Performance Indicators

How many women were trained? How much do farmers earn? Each project has Key Performance Indicators to report and monitor. We help to collect the data and analyze it automatically. This saves time and reduces errors.


  • Gender
  • Deforestation rate
  • Nutrition score
  • Carbon sequestered
  • And many more
Our showcases

Showcase – National forest inventory in Kyrgyzstan

The second national forest inventory in Kyrgyzstan will serve as the basis for the sustainable development of the sector. UNIQUE was mandated by the World Bank to support the State Agency for Environmental Protection and Forestry ...
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Showcase – National forest monitoring in Vanuatu

Vanuatu is currently completing the REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and fo-rest Degradation) readiness phase. UNIQUE conducted a tailor made national forest inventory using state-of-the art digital tools. We developed ...
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Showcase – Digitizing forestry in Ethiopia

Amhara Forest Enterprise (AFE) is consolidating its forest activities in the North-East of Ethiopia. Forest Management is restructured and adjusted to international market requirements. This includes the change from a ...
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Showcase – Impact monitoring for banks in Latin America

Latin American countries have committed to ambitious forest landscape restoration targets, which play a key role in achieving their Nationally Determined Contributions under the Paris Agreement. Significant private sector investments ...
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Showcase – Zero deforestation monitoring in Ethiopia

To promote zero-deforestation coffee, GIZ is establishing a sustainable production region in Oromia, Ethiopia. UNIQUE developed a monitoring framework for sustainable production at the landscape level, using the latest information ...
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Showcase – Monitoring bark beetle damage in Germany

Extreme drought and the high summer temperatures of 2018-2019 have led to serious bark beetle outbreaks in southern German forests. The damage to spruce and fir trees is dynamic and ...
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Showcase – Carbon Coastal Mangrove Project Indonesia

The Livelihoods-Yagasu project in Indonesia is a partnership implemented by the NGO Yagasu, and the Livelihoods Carbon Fund. UNIQUE is the main service provider of the Livelihood Fund and was contracted to support ...
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