Showcase – Monitoring bark beetle damage in Germany

Extreme drought and the high summer temperatures of 2018-2019 have led to serious bark beetle outbreaks in southern German forests. The damage to spruce and fir trees is dynamic and has increased considerably during the summer. The search for new outbreaks by classical approach on the ground takes a lot of time. We are implementing a cost efficient and innovative way by using high resolution imagery in high temporal frequency to closely monitor the bark beetle population.

Country: Germany
Period: ongoing

Our digital solutions


  • Ground verification with trained teams
  • Use of specially modified App for field verification
  • Navigation to hot spots identified during the analysis
  • Automatic synchronization of the field data to the central database
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  • Analysis of high resolution imagery – 3m
  • High temporal frequency – providing results each 5 to 10 days
  • Improved monitoring and timely localisations of new infestations
  • Accurate information on frequency of infestations and the size of affected areas
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Monitor and Report

  • Digital maps displaying the development of the bettle infestation
  • High frequency monitoring – new damages reported weekly
  • Presentation of the results on a web based GIS
  • Transparent reporting of results to our public or private forest owner
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