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Rural livelihoods

Communicating with producers and assessing their work on the ground remains a challenge. Our digital solutions connect you with life on the farm and production in the field.

Our Collect module is designed for farm household data, training reports and land use evaluation. With applications for plausability checks, navigation to sampled households, mapping of farm plots and polygons, we offer improved data quality with one click. Working offline in the field is no problem. Direct synchronization of the data with a central database can happen later.

The Analyze module uses field data and other sources and provides an in depth analysis according to your needs. Farmer registration, gender specific evaluation of the living income, nutrition score – the range and possibilities for specific outputs are immense.

The Monitor & Report module is customizable and displays results in the format most suitable for you. Data can be shown at household, village or regional level. WebGIS visualizes the results of monitored land use activities.

How to measure impact at farm level?

You need farm-level data to monitor agricultural livelihoods and your impact on the ground. Living income and other indicators can then be computed.


  • Customized data collection modules for different rural household settings (panel data, agricultural census, farm household surveys, etc.)
  • Inclusive data analysis, such as plausibility checks
  • Offline functionality
  • Multilinguality, suitable for multi-ethnic regions
  • Integrated module for navigation, using offline satellite images and automatic GPS tracking

How we support rural livelihoods

After data collection, our tools help you calculate the project specific indicators on household or aggregated levels. Indicators can vary depending on your project. We have experience in carbon, gender, sustainable land use pratices, nutrition status, or more complex indicators such as the  living income. We also calculate a fair price at the farm gate for coffee, cocoa or cashew.

On our Web-Dashboard you can easily monitor project success from data collectionto close.


  • Farm household income modeling
  • Project boundary map (from farm to landscape level)
  • Farmer registration reports
  • Carbon modeling
  • Baseline study progress
  • Data analysis features

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