Showcase – Carbon Coastal Mangrove Project Indonesia

The Livelihoods-Yagasu project in Indonesia is a partnership implemented by the NGO Yagasu, and the Livelihoods Carbon Fund. UNIQUE is the main service provider of the Livelihood Fund and was contracted to support the Yagasu Foundation to prepare the project for validation against the Verified Carbon Standard, the world’s leading voluntary greenhouse gas program. This includes the development of a Management Information System together with an integrated web and mobile based software for data collection, management and reporting.

The project at the east coast of Aceh and North Sumatra restores mangroves and protects the coastal greenbelt of the coast. It helps to increase the environmental carrying capacity of mangrove ecosystems for carbon sequestration, reduces the risk of natural disasters and generates additional income at the local level. This will be achieved by the cultivation of 18 Mio trees over 5000 hectares including 20,000 beneficeries, sequestering 2 million t CO2e over 20 years.

Country: Indonesia
Period: 2015 ongoing
Client: Livelihoods Venture

Recent project insight

Our project partner reports from the field:

“In order to significantly facilitate the field recordings and to be able to automatically provide the recorded data in a standardized form for further analysis, the “Yagasu 2” app developed by UNIQUE was used.

All data recorded with the easy-to-use app, such as:

  • GPS coordinates, plot location, plot size, plant spacing, density
  • land status
  • date of planting
  • species
  • soil quality
  • mortality and causes of mortality

The recorded data is automatically uploaded to the servers located in Germany and operated by UNIQUE. This also means we no longer have to worry about backups of our local field data.
Yagasu’s staff can then easily access all data via a web interface to analyze, visualize and derive optimizations.

Every monitoring activity usually involves the local community to let them know any important aspect of mangrove growth, causes of mortality etc.”

Our digital solutions


  • Data collection modules for land assessment, monitoring, planting and patrolling as well as seed collection and nursery management
  • Integrated module for navigation, using offline satellite images and automatic GPS tracking
  • Direct synchronization of the data to the server
  • Plausibility checks in the field
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  • Analysis of project relevant KPIs
  • Integrated module to oversee planted areas and registered groups
  • Plot Boundary Management Module
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Monitor & Report

  • Visualization of project progress
  • Indicators: number of groups registered, area mapped, nurseries raised, etc.
  • WebGis module to display and analyze mangrove areas
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